Program Overview

Program Overview

Detailed Arrangement for Sessions

Oct.18 14:00-17:45

Bamboo Room/竹园厅

Session 1-RAMS Management and Quality  
Session Chair: Xiaoyan Zhu

Jasmine Room茉莉厅

Session 2-Modeling and Simulation (1) 
Session Chair: David W. Coit

VIP Room/贵宾厅

Session 6-Reliability Testing and Design
Session Chair: Jiliang Zhang

Board Room/董事会厅

Session 4-Fault Diagnosis, Prognosis and PHM 

Session Chair: Datong Liu

Magnolia Room/白玉兰厅

Session 9-Reliability Analysis and Reliability Assessment (1)

Session Chair: Shunong Zhang

Oct.19 9:00-12:15

Bamboo Room/竹园厅

Session 3-Safety and Risk Assessment  
Session Chair: Yanfu Li

Magnolia Room/白玉兰厅

Session 8-Maintenance and Supportability, Session 10-Human

Reliability and Other

Session Chair: Peng Wang

Board Room/董事会厅

Session 7-Failure Analysis
Session Chair: Gang Niu

VIP Room/贵宾厅

Session 5-Software Reliability

Session Chair: Zuohua Ding

Jasmine Room/茉莉厅

Session 2-Modeling and Simulation (2), Reliability Analysis and

Reliability Assessment

Session Chair: Zhisheng Ye


Important Dates
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Abstract submission deadline
Extended to Apr.15,2018 
Notification of abstract acceptance
Extended to May.15,2018 
Full paper submission deadline
Extended to Jun.1,2018 
Notification of full paper acceptance
start from Jul.15,2018 


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